Soul Signature Light Code

 Our signature is part of our identity, where we use it to sign important or big contracts,documents.

During this session, I will be having a short consultation about your current signature energies that could be causing some issues, and after a little bit of knowing what you want/need in your life, I will be channelling a brand new soul signature for you to help you better in your life path.

There will also be a personal mantra energy activation created thru light language to assist in reclaim your power to leading you to your true core.

Each Soul at its creation is birthed in a unique form as a sound and light code.

This code contains the sound frequencies and geometries of light from Source.

Each Soul Signature is unique because it is a specific arrangement of frequencies and geometries.

They create inner harmony.

Prior to entering into this lifetime in our life between lives, we chose under the guidance of a panel the percentage of our Soul that is to birth with us into this life.

This role, as we grow and develop through our current life, changes, and until we find our true Soul mission.

We have a lot of work to achieve to purify the old traumas and karma from other lifetimes.


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