Sacred Destiny is a cosy reflective space tucked away in the hidden corner of Lorong 8 Geylang.
The shop hosts a variety collection of crystals,incense,energy candles,bathsalt,oils and others.
The owner of the shop is Cassandra.
She has spent many years learning and seeking different spiritual modality to seek inner wisdom and knowledge.
She believes that nothing is as important as doing the inner work and aligning one's energy to create the life you desire.She provide services like tarot reading, akashic records, past life regression,meet the spiritual guides, space cleansing, energy activations and does different unique kind of reiki healing modality like unicorn,flower,mermaid healing.
She also has the ability to channel light language

Here in sacred destiny, she hopes as you shop, you will come to realize that your destiny is sacred and your existence matters in this universe.