Flower Of Life Healing Level 1 And 2


Flower of life energy healing is a certified hands-on therapy system that brings about health, wellness and empowerment through connecting with the universe.

When I was thinking of what healing to create, flower of life came to me.

The Flower of Life symbol is a two-dimensional illustration that contains 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles.

A school of thought known as Sacred Geometry explains the profound meanings implied by this ancient symbol.

The image looks like a set of equally proportioned flowers.

The composition is not only beautiful.

It has profound symbolic meanings for our existence, life on Earth, and the formation of the Universe.

Flower of Life design can also symbolize the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

I wanted to create a energy where its source is from the universe, oneness, connection to truely embrace the energy of the source itself.

This flower of life energy healing helps to bring one closer to the universe, to break down any illusion of separations or attachment that leads to one being separated from their self and all around.


Receiving a treatment of flower of life healing helps awaken you to your soul, spirit and Godhood, while providing deep healing and spiritual mastery.

Every session is aim provide a high-vibrational space where you can meet and merge with your soul, spirit and Godhood, and align to the joy, health and healing spiritual connection that is always here for you.


Each treatment of flower of life healing is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to the meet the intentions of the recipient.

This healing brings understandinh that living a physical life with free will can bring challenges and conditionings that separate us from our divinity, building up resistance and dis-ease in our being.

It can help unblock whatever feels stuck in your life, whether that is within your relationships, finances, career, physical health, or provide greater clarity into your unique mission here on Earth .

Above all, the recipient always receives a treatment as directed by source of the universe bringing one closer to their true self.


 What will you learn:

What is flower of life healing.

What do the flower of life symbol signify



Healing Process System

Self Healing

Understanding Chakras

Consultation With Client

Checking Of Chakra

Flower Of Life Healing Symbols

Healing Process,Hand Positions And Purposes

End Of Healing, Cord Cutting

Writting An Indepth Report Of The Healing

Giving Remote Healing

Group Healing

Ethics And Professionlism

Creating a crystal grid with it.


 Benefits Of Flower Of Life Healing:

Clears stucked, negative energies inside your energy fields

Emotional healing and stability

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Remove blockages in any aspect of your life

Heals and opens chakra

Increase self love,happiness,empowerment and confidence

Aids in creativity

Provide better mental clarity

Helps lifts your vibration

Helps in manifestation

Increased self awareness

Aids in ascension

Spiritual growth and wisdom 

Greater connection to self and spiritual



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