Nine Tail Fox Crystal Energy Activation

Nine tail fox crystal energy activation


This nine tail fox energy activation has been created with one designated nine tail fox spirit that I have channelled.

This energy activation is to aid in protection from any negative people,spirits,energy especially to aid for people who have bad intention/purpose towards.

It is also to help bring in aligned love in divine timing,love and understanding from all loved ones and people around them.

This activation also includes aiding in abundunce, for greater career progress,opportunities,prosperity,luck,unexpected abundunce,constant cashflow.

This energy also aids in karmic releasing, breaking any cycles,patterns,conditioning that is with them to help them bring out the best version of them.

Lastly, this energy activation is to bring joy,strength,happiness,love,peace to the person using this activation.

Everything will be for their highest good and brought in divine timing.

Use this activation with good intentions,happiness and love to yourself and all around you.


You will be receiving an energy attunement with three symbols activations where you will have the energy coming from your palms to activate the crystal yourself and there is no limit to the number or how long you can do or have it.


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