Kuan Yin Energy Activation


Kuan Yin is a goddess of compassion, love, healing & abundance.

She teaches us compassion by being the bodhisattva of compassion.

A bodhisattva is one who delays his or her full enlightenment in order to aid in the liberation of all sentient beings.

She guides us to release judgments about self and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.


She is also known to protect against fears. 

Kuan Yin always blesses when you call upon her.

She pours compassion & prosperity upon anyone who asks for her assistance.

Kuan Yin represents the power of gentleness.

When we are gentle with ourselves and others we bring sweetness to our lives.

 She also demonstrates fierce individualism, grace, and intention to nourish the whole world with love.


This energy activation includes a violet flame purification symbol to purify yourself and your space, a symbol to assist in clearing your karma that helps in clearing the blockages and negative karmas stored in each of the chakras.

The Person will start receiving positive things and feels that their life is becoming better.

The Karmic lessons to be learnt may surface up in order to make us learn for our soul’s evolution.

It also has another purpose of 

  • Heals your deep hurts and wounds
  • Controls the Negative Emotions
  • Increases the love for oneself
  • Makes you calm
  • Increases the peace of mind
  • Ensures seeing everyone and Self as Mother Kuan Yin, thereby make you emit love radiating towards self and others
  • Increases Compassion

Use this activation to embody goddess Kuan Yin energy,to help you when you pray for to help bring you her divine love,forgiveness,success,fertility,beauty,compassion to your life.

 You will be receiving an energy attunement with symbols activations where you will have the energy coming from your palms to activate the energy yourself and you can do it to your loved ones too.


There is no limit to the number or how long you can do or have it.


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