Dragon Energy Activation



Dragons are a sign to awaken your inner power, seeing it means its a sign to embrace your power, to have faith and start taking baby steps to move towards reclaiming them.

This energy activation consist of one arcturian red dragon and a pleiades white dragon.

The white dragon aids in shadow work,ancestral,balance,spiritual wisdom and comes in extra as a friend or spirit guide.

The arcturian red dragon aids in confidence,power,courage,leadership,empowerment.

Use this activation to embody the dragon energies for helping you in your shadow work journey,ancestral, spiritual wisdom,balance,courage,confidence,power,leadership in pursuing your path,passion,role in your life.

You will be receiving an energy attunement with symbols activations where you will have the energy coming from your palms to activate the energy yourself and you can do it to your loved ones too.


There is no limit to the number or how long you can do or have it.



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