Create Your Own Fragrance Workshop


Create Your Own Fragrance Workshop With Manifestation Energy😁

During this workshop, you will:

-Learn about the different kind of fragrance families
- How scents brings,evoke certain emotions and memories.
-You will then have a chance to craft your own 30ml scent with "Manifestation" energy
-Those who wish to do more bottles, it will be charged at $35 per bottle.

The perfumer who will be teaching this workshop is Chris.

Chris has multiple touch points in the fragrance industry:

He is a perfumer with over 10 years of experience helping personal care brands develop their fragrance signatures and served as a consultancy & sourcing role in an essential oil production company.

His proudest achievement to date is in utilizing market trends & insights to craft brand identity in new sensorial dimensions to delight consumers.

A fun fact of Chris is that he collects botanical flowers and herbs in his garden, growing them selectively for their scents. Chris is most excited to train and develop talents in scent creation & development.


Looking forward to my first fragrance making workshop, its gonna be so fun🥳

See everyone there❤️